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Type 5A

Molecular Sieves Type 5A


Molecular Sieves Type 5A are alkali alumino-silicate.  They are the calcium form of the Type A crystal structures with an effective pore opening of about 5 angstroms.


bulletDrying, desulphuration, CO2 removal of natural gas.
bulletDrying and CO2 removal of air.
bulletNitrogen production plant.
bulletPressure swing adsorption system (PSA): Enriched air, purification of hydrogen, etc.

General Properties

Form in which supplied:  Beads
Mean Particle Diameters 4 x 8    (4 mm)
8 x 12  (2 mm)
Nominal Pore Size 5 Angstroms
Bulk Density 44 Lbs/Ft3
Average Crushing Strength Under Increasing Pressure (Lb) 4 x 8 mesh - - - - -  12
8 x 12 mesh - - - - - 7
Equilibrium Water Capacity (Theoretical) 21.7%  wt.
Water Content (as shipped) 1.5% wt. (max.)
Heat of Adsorption (max) 1,800 Btu/lb H2O
Specific Heat (approx) 0.23 Btu/lb/0F
Recommended Temp. of Regeneration (0F) 400 - 600


Type 5A Molecular Sieves are delivered in drums containing 60 lbs, 150 lbs, and 300 lbs net of product.