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Silica Gel Desiccant Products Co.

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SINCE 1935

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SILICA GEL DESICCANT PRODUCTS COMPANY is backed by over 70 years experience in the commercial and industrial desiccant applications.

Products include granular silica gel, beaded silica gel, indicating and non-indicating silica gel, humidity indicators, molecular sieves, activated aluminas and dehumidifiers.

Wide Range of Applications:

Military Packaging: Per Mil-P-116, Mil-D-3464E and Mil-D-3716 Specifications.  Packaging protection of metallic products, delicate instruments and equipments.

Industrial Packaging:  Food Industry and Pharmaceutical Packaging for protection against moisture, mildew and odor.

Dynamic Adsorption: Natural Gas, Refining Companies, Chemical and Petrochemical, Industrial Gases and        Refrigeration. 

Other applications: Telecommunications,  Insulating Glass, Humidity Indicators, Catalyst Carriers,  Buffer Adsorbent, Chromatographic Medias, Flower Drying and Cigarette Filters.

Most products are kept in inventory facilitating quick delivery.


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E-Mail Address: Sales@Silicagelco.com       -       Toll Free Number:  1-800-426-1529