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Dehumidifiers minimize the costly replacement of peeling wallpaper, cracking plaster, warping wood paneling, floor tiles and linoleum that comes loose because of a moist condition.  It reduces mold, mildew, 
rot and corrosion damage.

People who may benefit from a drier climate because of sinus or respiratory problem may now dial the level of dryness of air that feels most comfortable.

They plug into standard electrical outlets and are easily moved with concealed rollers.  All have sealed refrigeration systems and quiet running fans.  Portable, compact and with decorator styling.


Key Features

bulletAttractive Cabinets
Mar-Resistant, Greystone, vinyl-on steel laminate on sides and top.  Impact resistant polystyrene grill facilitates free airflow.  Concealed rollers.  Three point suspension system keeps unit level on uneven floors.  Size:  15" wide x 21-3/4" high x 14-1/4" deep.
bulletAutomatic Humidistat Control
Dehum-humidity-Ind.jpg (9816 bytes)Dial-controlled, adjustable humidistat automatically turns unit on  or off at pre-selected moisture levels.  Also has "Off" and "Continuous Run" positions.
bulletThreaded Drain Connection
For continuous moisture removal to a floor drain, drip tray has threaded fitting for easy connection of garden hose.
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Protects refrigeration system from dust and dirt and helps maintain performance.


Specifications & Features 0D-40L OD-25L
Capacity in Pints* 40 25
Adjustable, Automatic Humidistat Yes Yes
Automatic Overflow Protection Yes Yes
Automatic Signal Light Yes Yes
Moisture Container, Quarts 10 10
Threaded Hose Connection Yes Yes
Automatic Defrost System Yes Yes
Full Load AMPS 7.1 4.1
Watts 630 400
Net Weight, Lbs. 53 50

*Water removal capacities in pints per 24 hours, rated according to ANSI/AHAM Standard DH-1-1992

Models covered by these specifications are listed by Underwriters' Laboratories and capacities certified to Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.

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