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Indicator Cards

Humidity Indicator Cards

MS20003-2 (P/N:  S0202)


Material:  Blotting PaperCard-S0202-New.jpg (15144 bytes)
Dimensions:  2" x 3"
Indicating Spots:                                                                                   MS20003-2
    Top - 50% RH                                                                                    (P/N: S0202)  
    Middle - 40% RH
    Bottom - 30% RH
Printing: Black Lettering

Military Standard MS20003-2 is approved by all governmental agencies, the Department of Defense and NATO for use in Method ll Packaging.


MS20003-3 (P/N S0200)

This card is identical in design to the MS20003-2, except it is approximately 1/2 its size, making the MS20003-3 ideal where space may be a problem.


Material:  Blotting PaperCard-S0200-New.jpg (15802 bytes)
Dimensions:  1" x 1-5/8"                                            
Indicating Spots:                                                                                       MS20003-3
    Top - 50% RH                                                                                        (P/N: S0200)
    Middle - 40% RH
    Bottom - 30% RH
Printing:  Black Lettering


AEC826004NE (P/N:  S0204)

This card complies with Mil-I-8835 and Mil-P-116 Method ll.  It was developed for use with activated desiccant in packaging by the Atomic Energy Commission.  A warning arrow points to 30% RH, pink indicates a desiccant failure.  Date of manufacture is imprinted on each card.Cards-S0204-New.jpg (10682 bytes)


Material:  Blotting Paper                                                                   AEC826004NE
Dimensions:  1-9/16" x 4-3/4"                                                               (P/N: S0204)
Indicating Spots:  10 - 60% RH
Printing:  Heavy black on white



Part Number Indicating Spots, % Package/Can
S0200 30/40/60 100
S0202 30/40/60 125
S0204 10 - 60 200