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Container Dri II

Container Dri II contains an original composition of calcium chloride largely used as industrial and domestic desiccants.  It is an absorbent bag that absorbs moisture vapor.  The humidity is fixed on the calcium chloride and remains trapped inside the bag.  The adsorption capacity of each bag will be a minimum of 280% of water vapor at 90% RH and 25oC.

Container Dri Bags are placed in between packages of cargo as they are being loaded into a container prior to shipment, and removed upon arrival.  During the transport, the bags absorb  condensation from the container before it can saturate the packaging.

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      Dimensions of the bag: 5-3/4" X 10-1/4" 

      Weight of a bag:            125 grams




Quantity of Container Dri II to Place In Container

For a trip of 30-40 days:

32 Bags of Container Dri II for a standard 20 foot container.

64 Bags of Container Dri II for a standard 40 foot container.

These quantities can be increased or decreased as a function of proper risks to the transported merchandise.  In the case of the container that is not too tight and of merchandise that is very humid, one can use a polyethylene cover placed over the load.  That will allow the merchandise to be effectively isolated.  Cargo sent by truck, railroad, or ship can be protected in this manner.